Mount View, originally uploaded by KPhotos-.
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As you sow so shall you reap...

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Way back to home...

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Small Family, originally uploaded by KPhotos-.

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I am crazy about sewing... I bought these threads 'coz of my sister's love. She gifted me the sewing machine. Such a wonderful sister I ve got ;)

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Let me play.

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In search of her mother...

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Waiting for someone to bell...

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Fight or Cuddle?

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My mom is fond of plants and this is her little love. Tomatoes :)

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A way villagers predict how the next year will be is through doing something called molapari. A Sacred plant.

A girl who opted for taking "molapari" is on her way to "Kummi" (Kummi is a folk dance, popular in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India, danced mostly by Tamil women in circle.)

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This was clicked during my visit to family deity temple. I adjusted the hue and saturation.

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Wanna go to your childhood days? Spend some 5 bucks and buy a cotton candy. Your childhood days will be back. I am a CC addict.

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My new year 2010 was at Sadhuragiri temple. I was clicking all my way and the sadhu blessed with a pose. Got a smiling face, isn't it? :)
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I would say green field will always give peace of mind.

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This is the first shot which inspired my street photography, Candid shot at Marina Beach Chennai.

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